In the midst of a busy and noisy world, the act of slowing down and remembering the faithfulness of the Lord can be difficult at times.

As a community, we set aside a few times a year to intentionally fast, pray, and worship as a way to practice together what it means to slow down and remember who God is. Whether you choose to fast from lunch or something else for the day, we want to give up something that we allow to fill us for time with God.

We provide a guided reflection that will help you through your day of fasting with prompts for prayer and devotion, and then in the evening, we come together to break the fast with a meal, and pray and worship together with one voice!

We call these evenings Agape Feasts, which simply means that we will take part in a communal meal and simple prayer and worship experience that are intended to promote fellowship, unity, and Christian love among those that participate.

Worship & prayer will begin at 7pm, but if you'd like to share a meal with us and others in the community, we'll be eating together beginning at 6pm. Please park in a Rocketown Parking Lot. Our other Sunday morning lots will not be available during this time.

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