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Thanks for your interest in playing a part in what God is doing at Church of the City! Explore below to learn more about the many serving opportunities available. If you are interested in joining a team, or just have some questions, click below to reach out!

First Impressions

In First Impressions we like to think of our opportunities to serve as a small commitment that has a big impact!  Each of these teams play a part in making our guests feel welcome & cared for. And with so many places to plug in, you’ll find a spot that stirs your passion while serving God, His mission and His people!  Browse our teams below and contact us for more information.

Our greeter team has the privilege of being that first face when guests arrive! The simple act of saying hello and welcoming them into the building goes a long way in sharing the love of Jesus!  You will get to be a welcoming face and guide those who may need help finding KidCity, Coffee, Bathrooms, etc. These team members serve every other weekend at either the 9am or 11am service.

Serving as a worship host is huge to the life of our church. This high-impact team provides the opportunity to assist those looking for a seat in the auditorium, serve communion/offering and count the number of attendees. Hosting is a great way to set the table for others to experience Jesus in the service! These team members serve every other weekend at either the 9am or 11am service.

The Security team provides a layer of protective services for COTC Spring Hill – keeping people safe during worship services, weekly classes and special events. This rockstar team must be able to pass a background check and attend continuing education classes. Team leads will advise all new team members during training on any required certification. No previous security or law enforcement experience required – just good observation skills and a willingness to learn! 

This amazing team loves people through coffee – and they have a lot of fun in the process! There are four different roles within this team: Prep, 1st service, 2nd service, and clean up. Volunteers are asked to remain through their selected shift, and have the option to serve 1 to 4 times a month.

Do you love baking and cooking? Then this is the perfect spot for you! Every Sunday we have a Team Member Room for volunteers to go in and get food, drinks & snacks. Some of our volunteers are there all morning & need an energy boost! This team brings in prepared food items for these volunteers on Sunday mornings by 8:25am. These team members serve every other weekend.

Looking for a more behind the scenes opportunity? Our communion prep teams serve 1 – 4 times a month and provide mission critical work for our Sunday morning services. Communion is a true act of worship in our church, and the teams that set up communion are a vital component of our volunteer ministries. Commitment is pretty simple – Saturday mornings from 9-10am.

We’re a big church & have limited space in our public parking lot! And that means a lot of people to assist in finding those parking spots quickly and getting settled before services begin. Here’s a role to simply wave hello as guests enter our church, and best direct them when they arrive. This team serves every other weekend at either the 9am or 11am service.

Looking for something that is during the week when you have more availability? Helping out in the front office would be the perfect place for you! This role includes helping set up for events, computer & data input, answering phone calls, placing orders & all the other little things we need help with during the week. This team member serves about 2 hours a week.

Do you love to see a vision unfold as you plan, prepare, and execute the details of an event? Do you get excited about Decor? Logistics? Promotion? Organization? If so, we would love to talk to you about our Events Team. This team serves as the foundation and backbone of events that serve our family and our community.

city students

If you are interested in serving with students in grades 6-12, then please read below for our serving opportunities. Our main student programming takes place on Wednesday nights, however, we do offer Learning Community classes on Sunday mornings during the 9 am and 11am services.

Responsible for attending middle school worship/teaching and facilitating discussion for our middle school small groups on Wednesday nights. Time commitment includes Wednesday nights from August – May as well as Winter Retreat, Summer Camp and various other events.

Responsible for attending middle school worship/teaching and facilitating discussion for our middle school small groups on Wednesday nights. Time commitment includes Wednesday nights from August – May as well as Winter Retreat, Summer Camp, The WKND and various other events.

Responsible for facilitating table based discussion for our middle school or high school class on Sunday mornings.

This role is responsible for staffing our concession stands, information tables, child care, and/or security on Wednesday nights during our City Students programming. You can volunteer as much as every week or as little as once a month.

Ministry support

This goal of this Team of “Crew Members” is to support all of our Ministries in anything and everything they do. We want to help and empower them to say yes to any event they decide to put on. This practically consists of 4 categories of the Team. Take a look and see what sparks your interest and talents.

If you love using your energy, this may be a good area for you to serve. This area of the Team consists of Setting up and Tearing down mostly chairs and tables for upcoming events. This helps our Ministries tremendously in preparing for their events.

If you have a knack for building or repairing things then please get involved here! This can look like all sorts of different things from, woodwork to assembling furniture or just assisting myself (Darren) in the week to week tasks that always come up. It also could be if you are experienced and like to do things from your own home, then I could describe what we are looking for in a certain piece of furniture, etc… and you build it from the comfort of your own workshop.

If God has blessed you with the talent of Organization, then please get involved with this area of the Team. Things this would consist of are… Christmas, Easter, and weekly used decor organizing, as well as other areas that we are still defining in this specific part of the Team. You could be a part of the refining process.

This is a fun one, the Sunday Team would be, if you love getting up early and feel like you want to do something, then this one is just for you! It would consist of arriving at the Church Building at 7AM and helping myself open up the Building, it is a large building so there is a lot of prep done to make sure it is secure, as well as everything to pull off a Sunday Morning is prepared. Or if your preferred time to arrive is before 1PM when the building closes then you could assist in the closing. Which is just as great as the opening.

pastoral Care

Help when life is hard. We all have defining moments in our lives – challenging circumstances, relational pain and transitional seasons. How we respond and who we surround ourselves with during these times has a direct impact on our futures. We want to be people that help marriages, families and relationships thrive by pointing them to the hope found in Jesus.

This ministry is on the front lines of intercession – helping us continually call upon the Lord, proclaim his goodness and worthiness to the world, and invite him to do a new thing in our lives, in our community, and in our city.  The Lord rewards those who seek them – we will be people who seek him. If you are passionate about prayer, here are some opportunities for you serve.

Team of volunteers that will be present to pray during and after the service in the auditorium and prayer room. 

Care, visitation and support to individuals/families in hospitals and who are recovering. 

Part of our virtual prayer team email list.

If you would like to be a mentor couple sign up. Marriage Mentor Ministry composes of trained mentor couple that will walk alongside couples who are desiring enrichment or crisis help. Pre-marital mentorship is also available.  If you would like to invest into other marriages and walk alongside other couples, connect with us by clicking the button below. 

production team

Are you tech savvy or interested in learning more about the live-production world? We have serving opportunities for you!

This role operates the computer that fires all lyric and message slides. Helpful skill: Familiar with general functions of iMac/ProPresenter, and can identify and follow along with worship songs.

We have video cameras in the room that require operators. Previous experience is not necessary, you will be on a headset receiving instruction from the video director.

We often have special elements in our service that require extra hands to help things run smoothly. For example: Moving Podium on and off stage, Baptism Sunday, Stakeholder Graduation, Holidays etc. Helpful Skill: Organization/Communication skills to help direct people.

Previous experience required, we utilize a Blackmagic switcher. Helpful Skill: Ability to direct beginner camera ops.

Previous experience required, we mix on a Yamaha CL3. Helpful Skill: Experience with Dante Networked Audio.


In KidCity, we have the privilege of investing in the next generation of our church! Far from just being childcare, instead we are partnering with parents in the discipleship of their children. We have multiple opportunities to serve, across a variety of age groups and would love to talk with you about how you can be involved in seeing the fame and deeds of God made known to the next generation!

Our infants, crawlers and walkers need caring people to hold them and play with them.  We want even our youngest to see, hear and feel God’s love for them. In our Turning 2s-5s, we need people who are willing to teach the curriculum that is provided and engage with the kids in both small and large group environments.  We believe that no one is ever too young to learn about God’s love. No experience necessary!

In our Grade School area, we need people who are willing to be with a small group of kiddos and engage in conversations, ask questions and work through a few activities to help them understand God’s love for them.  All materials are provided and no experience is necessary!

Our KidCity First Impressions Team greets both new and returning families, assists in the check-in process, walks new families to their children’s classrooms and engages in conversations about who we are.


Do you have a passion to not only see yourself grow in your faith, but to serve others in their faith journey? Our Discipleship ministry serves our church family by providing opportunities for engagement and connection in our relationship with God, ourselves, and others.

We all know what it’s like to walk into a new place and long for community. We often don’t know what the first step looks like. Our Connections team welcomes new people and families to Church of the City by engaging in conversation, answering questions and giving them a gift. We also serve as a connection point for people who are ready to enter into community and serving. These team members serve every other weekend after the 9am or 11am service.

Have you been part of or led a dynamic and healthy small group in the past? Missional Communities are vital to the health of our church family – they provide connection and growth in our faith. If you are a Stakeholder of Church of the City Spring Hill and interested in leading or hosting a Missional Community, we would love to hear from you. These groups meet weekly or bi-weekly in homes.

Do you come alive when you get the chance to host people in your home or prepare a seat at the table for someone? If you have the gift of hospitality and welcoming people into your space, hosting a Missional Community may be a beautiful way for you to engage in our church family. This role is for people who are engaged as stakeholders at Church of the City Spring Hill. Groups meet weekly or bi-weekly in homes.

Wraparound Closet

Wrap Around Closet is located at our Spring Hill location! This closet supports foster care families by providing relief through physical items.

Welcoming new families and ensuring they find their way to the appropriate classrooms and the main auditorium, assisting with snacks and passing out curriculum.