You and your family are invited to the Downtown Volunteer Christmas Celebration! This year, we will be cozy-ing up with our favorite people (that's YOU, obviously) to watch, and participate in, an interactive Christmas movie experience! And this year's Christmas movie is....... ****drum roll****  ELF!!!!!!!!!!! Join us for a "~*basically*~ 4D movie experience" as we celebrate the beautiful year we had, and kick off the holiday season together!  
  • Here are 7 things you'll need to know:
  • 1. The party starts at 5pm & the movie viewing will begin at 6pm. Come early for lots of mingling and good eats!
  • 2. Speaking of eats, there will be an endless supply of movie snacks, candy, and festive drinks! (please note, we won't be providing a full dinner, but be encouraged to bring your own, or even order postmates or a pizza to Rocketown! Pretty much anything goes!)
  • 3. Come in your Christmas cozies or your Christmas sweaters or your cozy slippers and a hoodie! Be comfortable!
  • 4. Bring a blanket, lawn chair, or something to lounge on while you enjoy the movie! Of course, we'll have our Sunday morning chairs available if you need!
  • 5. This is fun for your entire family! Just be sure to sign everyone in your party up so we can keep an accurate headcount!
  • 6. Come ready to have a GREAT TIME with your church fam!
  • 7. As far as the "interactive" part of the evening goes, we'll give you all the instruction you need when you arrive! Just trust us, this is going to be a night you won't want to miss
We love you! We value you! And while we are extremely grateful for you serving your church community with us, even more than that, we are just grateful for YOU!

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